Apple Introduces Apple Sports App: A Seamless Way to Track Scores

Apple Introduces Apple Sports App: A Seamless Way to Track Scores

By Staff Writer, 23 February 2024

In a bid to solidify its stance as a premier sports content provider, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone application, Apple Sports, on Wednesday (21/2).

The app, available for free, marks Apple's strategic move into the realm of sports content delivery and news dissemination.

Aptly named Apple Sports, the application excels in its simplicity and efficiency, focusing solely on delivering real-time scores from major teams and leagues.

Initially launched in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., the timing of its release coincides with the kickoff of the Major League Soccer season, allowing users immediate access to the latest updates.

Eddy Cue, Apple's services chief, emphasized the app's user-friendly design, tailored for swift and hassle-free usage throughout the day.

Unlike other sports score applications, Apple Sports distinguishes itself by its impartial stance – Apple doesn't have affiliations with any specific team or league, eliminating any incentive for prolonged user engagement.

Cue, speaking in an interview last week, highlighted the app's core purpose, stating, "ou want your scores basically to be real time. You want them to be really easy to get to. And nothing else is getting in the way. And that’s the primary purpose of the app."

Apple has steadily expanded its presence in the sports arena in recent years, securing rights to broadcast Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer games.

Additionally, it has enriched its News app with comprehensive sports journalism and featured sports-centric documentaries on Apple TV+, focusing on renowned teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the New England Patriots.

Source: Kif Leswing / CNBC

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