Lucidity Insights is a business data & insights streaming platform specialized in developing world-class investigative special reports and digital content told across various multimedia channels. Our content is focused on and for the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Middle East and Africa.

We are a team of passionate Researchers, Data Junkies, Techies, Strategy Consultants, Designers, Artists, and Storytellers who want to democratize access to world-class strategic data and insights for emerging markets. We are working hard to make deep industry analysis accessible to the decision-makers, investors, and startup founders in the MEA Region, to elevate everyone's game. After all, a well-informed ecosystem is a pre-requisite for healthy, thriving ecosystems.

We also believe that as a data-consumer and life-long learner, you should have the choice in how best you want to digest that data and content. Maybe you want a comprehensive investigative report that spells it out from A to Z; or perhaps you prefer 10-15min documentary-style videos, while others prefer 1min byte-sized shorts. Maybe you like to browse articles, while others prefer "Spotlight" case-studies on the entrepreneurs and the startups they run, developed through interviews. Or, perhaps you don't want to read or watch anything, you just want to see the graphs, charts, data, and infographics under our "Infobytes" section to discern the data analysis yourself. Everyone is welcome, because we love giving you an insider's look into the industries businesses and economies that are changing the world today, in the format that users want. We hope our users can become inspired, empowered and equipped to run their businesses as best they can, to build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem right here, right now.

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