Apple's iOS 17 is Set to be Released on September 18

Apple's iOS 17 is Set to be Released on September 18

By Staff Writer, 15 September 2023

Apple has announced that iOS 17 will be available for free download starting September 18.

Initially introduced at WWDC in June, the software was in beta testing with bug fixes. This update will bring significant changes to major iPhone apps like Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

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For iPad users, iOS 17 will include the Health app, expanded widget functionality, and lock screen customization options.

Notable features for iPhones include leaving video messages if their FaceTime call goes unanswered, akin to a voicemail. This feature includes access to various video effects just like a regular FaceTime call.

There is a new Standby mode while their phone is charging in a horizontal position. During this mode, the phone can serve as a clock, display a photo slideshow, or operate widgets.

The upcoming iOS 17 will bring Adaptive Audio to AirPods Pro, which adjusts media volume and noise cancellation based on the user's environment.

iOS 17 will also introduce a Conversation Awareness mode that tailors audio by adjusting playback volume and enhancing voices from individuals in close proximity.

Source: Ashley Capoot, CNBC and James Powel, USA Today

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