Right Bite Launches New Meal Plan App Right in Time for the New Year

Right Bite Launches New Meal Plan App Right in Time for the New Year

By Staff Writer, 19 December 2022
Right Bite Launches New Meal Plan App Right in Time for the New Year
  • A pioneer of meal plans in the GCC, Right Bite was created to support people achieve their health goals
  • The app will include a first of its kind feature, which allows customers to cancel individual meals for redeemable credits and have a flexible meal plan experience.
  • Right Bite, which was founded in 2004, has over 5000 monthly users, over 1500 meal offerings
  • In 2021, Right Bite was acquired by Kitopi - leading tech-powered, multi-brand restaurant


Dubai, UAE - Right Bite, the leading healthy food brand and pioneer of meal plans in the region, announces the launch of their new app in the UAE and KSA. The meal plan app enables its customers to book consultations, track calories and macronutrients, and have more flexibility in scheduling food deliveries.

Right Bite was founded in Dubai, UAE, in 2004 by Nathalie Haddad, as a subscription-based meal plan service focused on providing healthy, personalized nutrition. Today, Right Bite has over 5000 monthly customers and is continuously committed to supporting people’s nutritional goals by making healthy food convenient.

More than 70% of Right Bite’s existing clients downloaded the app within 30 days of its launch. This provides their customers easier access to meal plans on delivery, dietitian consultations, health catering, corporate wellbeing and more. An exclusive feature to their new app is redeemable credits on canceled meals making the experience more personalized. Customers now have a choice in which meal they would like to cancel, as opposed to canceling the meal deliveries for the whole day. Right Bite’s rebrand also goes hand in hand with their app, and will play a key factor in their decision to scale up their online and offline markets, and appeal to newer audiences.

Nathalie Haddad, Founder of Right Bite and VP of Meal Plans at Kitopi, commented, “We are excited to bring our new offerings to our customers - this is just the beginning of what we have in store for them. The last two years have helped people reasses their health priorities and with that, Right Bite has a major role to play in its mission to empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles and maintain their wellness goals. We have a roadmap of releases that are in the works to establish the new era of Right Bite, and become the go-to app for personal health.”

In 2021, Right Bite was acquired by Kitopi to fuel its growth and expansion across the region. The investment in Right Bite marked Kitopi’s transition from a managed cloud kitchen platform to an omnichannel multi-brand restaurant, and the app was built based on Kitopi’s proprietary tech.


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