Shortlet App Debuts in Nigeria: Africa's Answer to Airbnb

Shortlet App Debuts in Nigeria: Africa's Answer to Airbnb

By Staff Writer, 08 July 2024

On July 4th, the travel industry witnessed a significant development as the Shortlet app officially launched in the Nigerian market. Positioned as Africa's answer to Airbnb, the Shortlet app promises to transform short-term rentals by offering a seamless and engaging experience for travelers seeking exceptional accommodations.

Shortlet aims to be the premier platform for short-term rentals in Nigeria, catering to diverse preferences with offerings ranging from chic city apartments to serene beach houses and cozy retreats. The app is designed to make every stay feel like home, ensuring top-tier options for all types of travelers.

Benjamin Oyemonlan, co-founder and director of Shortlet, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch: "We're thrilled to bring Shortlet to Nigeria. Our platform connects travelers with the finest and most unique properties Africa has to offer. We believe every trip should be a memorable adventure, and Shortlet is here to make that happen."

Kenechukwu Kelvin Mezue, co-founder and CEO, highlighted their mission: "Our goal is to unlock Africa's hidden gems and provide a user-friendly, efficient platform for both hosts and guests. We are committed to setting a new standard for short-term rentals in Nigeria and beyond. This launch marks the beginning of an exciting journey."

Source: TechPoint Africa

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