Microsoft Unveils Surface Lineup with Integrated AI Copilot Functionality

Microsoft Unveils Surface Lineup with Integrated AI Copilot Functionality

By Staff Writer, 22 March 2024

Microsoft fulfills its January promise by unveiling its inaugural Surface PCs equipped with a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard, facilitating swift access to the chatbot.

This innovation, positioned to the left of the arrow keys, marks a significant evolution in computer keyboard design, representing the most substantial change in decades.

Although Lenovo leads in PC sales, Microsoft's Windows remains the most widely used operating system. Notably, Lenovo, Dell, and HP have all announced their own PCs featuring Copilot keys in response to this trend.

Traditionally, the Surface lineup has epitomized the potential of Windows-based machines, and Microsoft aims to underscore the convenience of having instant access to generative artificial intelligence with its latest offerings: the convertible Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business.

The Copilot, leveraging AI models from Microsoft-backed OpenAI, allows users to input a few words, prompting distant data center servers to execute the required computational tasks to generate a response.

Termed "AI PCs" by Microsoft, these new devices feature a key enabling users to summon the Copilot panel instantaneously on the right side of the screen, complemented by integrated silicon.

Each PC is powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor incorporating a specialized neural processing engine (NPU), a feature present in Surface computers since 2019.

Integration of NPUs into PCs delivers expedited responses and enhanced security.

Notably, Windows 11's recent AI enhancements, such as automatic audio transcription and simulated eye contact during video calls, utilize the NPU, freeing up other chip resources for additional tasks.

Microsoft's announcement coincides with Apple's unveiling of MacBook Air laptops equipped with an upgraded Neural Engine accelerator within the custom M3 chip.

Apple claims the MacBook Air remains the premier consumer laptop for AI applications.

Source: Jordan Novet / CNBC

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