Shorooq Partners Backs Traveltech 'Roamless' with $5M Funding

Shorooq Partners Backs Traveltech 'Roamless' with $5M Funding

By Staff Writer, 14 June 2024

Shorooq Partners, a prominent alternative investment manager based in the UAE with a strong presence across the MENA region, has entered Türkiye’s startup landscape by spearheading a $5 million seed funding round for Roamless, a traveltech startup.

Joining Shorooq Partners in this investment are Turkish venture capital firms Revo Capital, Paribu Ventures, and Finberg, alongside Luxembourg-based DeBa Ventures.

Established in 2023, Roamless specializes in eSIM technology aimed at transforming travel connectivity. The US-headquartered company boasts nearly 100,000 users, delivering seamless internet access across 69 countries, with plans to expand to 150 nations soon. Its services also encompass global calling solutions.

Shorooq Partners’ decision to back Roamless underscores its deep expertise in sectors like fintech, platforms, software, gaming, and Web3.0. The firm has built a reputation for championing innovative startups and guiding them towards substantial growth.

Mahmoud Adi, Founding Partner of Shorooq Partners, highlighted the transformative potential of Roamless within the traveltech industry, stating, “Roamless is poised to disrupt the traveltech industry with its innovative approach to connectivity. This investment aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting ventures that challenge traditional norms.”

He emphasized Shorooq Partners’ dedication to nurturing Türkiye’s burgeoning tech ecosystem through strategic investments in promising startups like Roamless.

Source: EntArabi

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