Driving Scaleup Success: Dubai's Attractiveness for Startup Growth

By Ashok Raman, 17 July 2023

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Scaleup Investing Ratio: UAE's Impact on the MENA Average

The UAE, with its sheer number of scaleups has tipped the MENA average to a higher value of 0.2% Scaleup Investing ratio and 0.16% for Scaleup Density ratio. While a number of countries in the region have a lower Scaleup Investing ratio than MENA average, countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait all have above regional ratios, showing preference for startups to operate from these countries.

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Dubai's Venture Capital Ecosystem

There are 749 scale-ups that have raised over US $1 million in fundraising in the Middle East and North Africa region; collectively raising over US $19.5 billion, cumulatively, as of December 2022. Over 40% of these scale-ups call Dubai home.