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Published on March 18, 2024

Sharif El-Badawi, CEO of Dubai Future District Fund

In this enlightening episode of 'The Perfect Pitch,' Sharif El-Badawi, CEO of Dubai Future District Fund, dives deep into the dynamics of venture capital in the MENA region. Sharif shares invaluable insights for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the venture capital landscape, particularly in today’s challenging economic environment. He discusses the crucial elements of a successful founding team, the importance of comprehensive preparation, and the key traits that define a standout founder. Additionally, Sharif emphasizes the significance of facing and leveraging existential crises to refine your business approach. Join us as we uncover the art of crafting the perfect pitch that resonates with investors and secures the funding your startup needs.

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    Dubai's Venture Capital Ecosystem

    There are 749 scale-ups that have raised over US $1 million in fundraising in the Middle East and North Africa region; collectively raising over US $19.5 billion, cumulatively, as of December 2022. Over 40% of these scale-ups call Dubai home.

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