Dubai Plans $177 Billion Investment Programme to Secure Future Economic Supremacy

Dubai Plans $177 Billion Investment Programme to Secure Future Economic Supremacy

By Staff Writer, 02 July 2024

Dubai's Executive Council has greenlit the Foreign Direct Investment Development Programme, targeting an ambitious Dh650 billion ($177 billion) influx of investments by 2033. This initiative positions Dubai to rank among the world's leading economic centers.

Over the next decade, Dh25 billion ($6.8 billion) will be earmarked to bolster the objectives of the D33 economic agenda, according to Dubai Media Office. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Dubai, emphasized the emirate's robust economic framework, designed to optimize decision-making, foster diverse opportunities, and attract top global talent and investments.

Key to this strategy is the newly introduced Dubai Economic Model, utilizing a comprehensive database of 3,000 performance indicators to meticulously monitor Dubai's progress towards economic targets. This framework aims to bolster consumer and investor confidence.

The FDI Development Programme is poised to attract international enterprises and bolster the expansion of existing global firms within Dubai, aligning with its vision to rank among the top three global economic hubs. Dubai's competitive advantages, including advanced logistics infrastructure, strategic geographic location, and a skilled workforce, further underscore its appeal as a premier global commercial destination.

Source: Sunil Singh / The National

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