Uktob: Pioneering AI Integration in Arabic-Speaking Businesses

Uktob: Pioneering AI Integration in Arabic-Speaking Businesses

By Staff Writer, 04 March 2024

Kareem Ayyad and Emad Ayyad, Co-Founders of Uktob

In the global discourse on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in business operations, the consensus often centers on its capacity to streamline tedious and repetitive tasks.

However, within Arabic-speaking enterprises, the integration of AI remains in its early stages.

Recognizing this gap, Kareem Ayyad and Emad Ayyad conceived Uktob, a groundbreaking AI startup aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies for businesses through AI-driven solutions.

"Uktob offers a cutting-edge transformative solution that enables businesses to create and deploy AI agents that augment key business functions such as sales and customer service," Kareem explains. "For example, our AI agents significantly improve median email response times -from the standard 45 minutes, to just one minute- and reduce operational costs by over 80% for our customers. This results not only in cost efficiency, but also in superior performance outcomes for business teams. But particularly for the MENA region, our models are multilingual, excelling and outperforming any other solution in Arabic."

One such AI agent, Faheem, stands out as an AI-driven personal assistant offering a suite of productivity tools and services for daily tasks.

Through Faheem, Uktob users experience an 80% reduction in email response time via auto-generated draft responses, alongside personalized text tailored to individual writing styles and tones.

Kareem underscores their approach, blending advanced AI infrastructure with deep insights into the Arabic language and the MENA business landscape.

"Our distinct value proposition lies in our commitment to the MENA region, addressing the underserved market of Arabic-speaking businesses and consumers," he emphasizes.

"Our approach is a blend of superior AI infrastructure -think proprietary datasets and deep learning models- with a keen insight into the Arabic language and the MENA's business ethos," Kareem adds.

"We see this unified value being unique; a purple goat in a field of the ordinary," he notes. "And at the heart of our uniqueness is our commitment to the MENA region, addressing the largely untapped market of Arabic-speaking businesses and consumers, focusing on a demographic that has been historically underserved in the AI space. Our solution isn't just about the technology; it's about bridging a crucial gap, and bringing the cutting-edge advantages of AI to the Arab world."

Kareem highlights the inspiration behind, drawn from observing persistent challenges across industries and recognizing AI's potential to revolutionize team dynamics.

Uktob's endeavor transcends mere technological innovation; it represents a pivotal step in bridging the gap between AI advancements and the Arabic-speaking world, ushering in a new era of efficiency and empowerment for businesses across the region.

Source: Aalia Mehreen Ahmed / Entrepreneur

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