Saudi Arabia's Gaming Future: True Gamers Unveils Ambitious Expansion

Saudi Arabia's Gaming Future: True Gamers Unveils Ambitious Expansion

By Staff Writer, 10 February 2024

Saudi Arabia's gaming landscape is on the brink of a transformative surge as True Gamers, an esports network headquartered in the UAE, unveils plans to establish 150 centers across the Kingdom with a colossal $45 million investment aimed at fortifying Saudi Arabia's esports infrastructure.

Having commenced operations in 2019, True Gamers is on a mission to democratize video gaming by amalgamating entertainment, cutting-edge technology, and competitive gaming elements to provide an enriching experience to gamers of all levels.

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In an exclusive interview with Arab News, Vlad Belyanin, co-founder of True Gamers, divulged the ambitious strategic blueprint for Saudi Arabia, which is anticipated to double the company's existing network.

"True Gamers has been closely monitoring the burgeoning esports and gaming scene in Saudi Arabia, a key player in the MENA region. Recognizing the tremendous potential of this market, we have embarked on a strategic expansion into the Kingdom, aligning with the ambitious Vision 2030 development plan," stated Belyanin.

He further emphasized a significant milestone achieved through the signing of a master franchise agreement with entrepreneur Nawaf Al-Bishri, whose expertise spans healthcare and investment sectors.

The initiative encompasses the launch of over 150 True Gamers lounges, poised to elevate the gaming experience for countless enthusiasts and propel the nation's burgeoning esports community to greater heights.

Source: Nour El-Shaeri / Arab News

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