Israeli AI Startup Fetcherr Raises $90M to Revolutionize Aviation Pricing

Israeli AI Startup Fetcherr Raises $90M to Revolutionize Aviation Pricing

By Press Release, 27 June 2024

The $90 million Series B round of Israeli firm Fetcherr, which has created a generative AI pricing, inventory, and publishing engine. Secondary investments are thought to have contributed about $65 million. Battery Ventures led the round, in which all current investors took part.

It is a deep learning startup led by Roy Cohen (CEO), Robby Nissan (CSO), Shimi Avizmil (CTO), and Dr. Uri Yerushalmi (Chief AI), was founded in 2019 with the goal of upending conventional, rule-based (legacy) revenue systems, starting with the aviation sector.

With generative solutions like the Generative Pricing Engine (GPE) and Generative Inventory Engine (GIE), as well as a Large Market Model (LMM), The technology allows for granular high-frequency pricing, inventory management, and direct publishing capabilities.

“Fetcherr continues to innovate and expand its product portfolio to address the longstanding pain points the airline industry has struggled with for years,” said Ziv Gafni, President and General Manager of New Markets at Fetcherr. “We look forward to leveraging our AI-driven market engine to onboard new clients and scale into new verticals, enabling real-time, data-driven decision-making and optimizing revenue generation for our partners.”

Real-time pricing is possible by using Fetcherr’s GPE to generate a suggested price at the moment a search query is made.

Fetcherr has partnered with WestJet and Viva Aerobus in addition to its current partners, Virgin Atlantic, Royal Air Maroc, and Azul Airlines. By 2025, the company wants to expand its LMM, GPE, and GIE capabilities into additional legacy areas.


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