Syndicate Bio and SOPHiA GENETICS Unveil Game-Changing Collaboration in African Healthcare

Syndicate Bio and SOPHiA GENETICS Unveil Game-Changing Collaboration in African Healthcare

By Staff Writer, 09 May 2024

Syndicate Bio, a pioneering biotechnology startup based in Nigeria, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with SOPHiA GENETICS, a renowned leader in cloud-based healthcare software and data-driven medicine.

This collaboration marks a significant stride forward in the African healthcare landscape by introducing unparalleled comprehensive genomic profiling and liquid biopsy services.

Established in September by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong, former CEO of the now-dormant Nigerian genomics firm 54gene, alongside Dr. Jumi Popoola and Estelle Dogbo, Syndicate Bio strategically aligns with influential entities such as government bodies, pharmaceutical giants, academic institutions, and key industry players.

The primary objective is to bolster the role of precision medicine locally while aggregating crucial datasets pivotal for global health advancements and expediting drug discovery and development processes.

The collaboration's focal point is democratizing precision medicine in oncology across Africa, with a core mission of ameliorating patient outcomes continent-wide.

Dr. Ene-Obong underscores the transformative potential of amalgamating Syndicate Bio's scientific prowess with SOPHiA GENETICS' AI-driven technologies and data-centric solutions, envisioning a paradigm shift in cancer patient care.

The envisioned transformation encompasses non-invasive cancer analysis, predictive genetic testing, and the integration of efficient precision medicine strategies.

This concerted effort aims to revolutionize the cancer treatment experience, promising a brighter future for patients across Africa.

Source: Tapiwa Matthew Mutisi / Innovation Village

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