Gogo Electric: Spearheading Uganda's Shift to Eco-Friendly Transport with EU Backing

Gogo Electric: Spearheading Uganda's Shift to Eco-Friendly Transport with EU Backing

By Staff Writer, 22 May 2024

European Union-funded ElectriFI has marked its inaugural venture into Africa's eco-friendly transportation realm with a $1.6 million investment in Ugandan startup Gogo Electric, formerly known as Bodawerk.

Based in Kampala, Gogo Electric specializes in the assembly of electric motorcycles and the production of lithium-ion batteries at its local facility, boasting an annual production capacity of 60,000 units.

In a strategic move to transition from petrol-driven motorcycles, the company has established a network of battery-swapping stations spanning Uganda.

Jakob Hornbach, the CEO and founder of Gogo Electric, expressed enthusiasm over the investment, hailing it as a significant endorsement of their vision to revolutionize Uganda's transport sector with sustainable e-mobility solutions.

"With ElectriFI’s crucial support, we are positioned to accelerate our mission and make electric motorcycles a mainstream reality for Ugandans," stated Hornbach.

Gogo Electric's initiative resonates with the urgent call to reduce emissions from "boda bodas," the ubiquitous motorcycle taxis in Uganda and East Africa.

According to estimates by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), over 150,000 motorcycle taxis ply the streets of the Ugandan capital alone, underscoring the substantial potential for impact.

Source: Empower Africa

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