Talent10's Multi-Million Dollar Investment in South African Entertainment

Talent10's Multi-Million Dollar Investment in South African Entertainment

By Staff Writer, 05 May 2024

Talent10 Holdings, in collaboration with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), has announced a bold investment exceeding $100 million (approximately R1.9 billion) to establish a groundbreaking entertainment and gaming venture within South Africa.

This ambitious endeavor sees Talent10 acquiring the rights to and launching an action-packed thriller film titled "Boy Kills World," alongside the development of a mobile and PC fighting game dubbed "Super Dragon Punch Force 3."

In an effort to expand the franchise's universe, Talent10 has greenlit the production of an eight-part animated series, which promises to delve into the intricate backstories of the game's characters, enriching the overall content of the franchise.

Emphasizing the burgeoning significance of gaming within South African culture, Talent10 underscores the industry's substantial growth, with a current valuation of $266 million (R5 billion).

With a staggering 26 million active gamers across various platforms, predominantly on mobile phones, the local gaming and entertainment sector is flourishing.

Wayne Fitzjohn, CEO of Talent10, underscores the advantageous cost-value proposition that South Africa offers in terms of production expenses, delivering top-notch products to consumers while operating in US dollars.

Citing projections from Statista, the video game market in South Africa is forecasted to generate revenues totaling $494.50 million by 2024, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.37% from 2024 to 2027, reaching a market volume of $612.10 million by the conclusion of the period. By 2027, the number of video game users in South Africa is anticipated to soar to 8.6 million.

Moreover, Talent10 proudly announces the successful premiere of "Boy Kills World" at the Toronto Film Festival, a film wholly funded, produced, and shot in South Africa by Nthibah Pictures, a subsidiary of Talent10.

Garnering international acclaim, the movie has secured distribution agreements with Lionsgate Films and Roadside Attractions for release in the United States, marking a significant milestone for South African cinema on the global stage.

Source: Tapiwa Matthew Mutisi / Innovation Village

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