From Bard to Gemini: Google's Reinvention of AI Chatbot Landscape

From Bard to Gemini: Google's Reinvention of AI Chatbot Landscape

By Staff Writer, 12 February 2024

Last Thursday (8/2), Google introduced a substantial rebranding of Bard, its renowned artificial intelligence chatbot and assistant.

The revamped iteration, now christened Gemini, aligns with the name of the suite of AI models fueling the chatbot's functionalities.

Gemini emerges as a prominent contender against OpenAI's ChatGPT in the AI assistant landscape.

Alongside the rebranding, Google unveiled novel avenues for consumers to engage with the AI tool.

As of Thursday, Android users gained access to a dedicated app tailored for Gemini, while iPhone users can seamlessly utilize Gemini within the Google app on iOS.

The rebranding and enhanced app offerings underscore Google's steadfast dedication to advancing and investing significantly in AI assistants or agents.

This term encompasses an array of tools, from chatbots to coding assistants and other productivity aids.

During Alphabet's earnings call on January 30, CEO Sundar Pichai underscored the company's unwavering commitment to AI.

Pichai articulated his vision of eventually offering an AI agent capable of executing an increasing array of tasks on behalf of users, even within Google Search.

However, he acknowledged the considerable execution challenges lying ahead. Similarly, executives at tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon reiterated their commitment to developing AI agents as indispensable productivity aids.

Google's transformation of Bard into Gemini marks an initial stride toward "building a true AI assistant," remarked Sissie Hsiao, a Google vice president and general manager for Google Assistant and Bard, during a call with reporters on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Google introduced a new AI subscription option tailored for power users seeking access to Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google's most potent AI model.

This subscription, available for $19.99 monthly through Google One, the company's paid storage service, offers added value for existing Google One subscribers, who can seamlessly integrate it with their existing storage plans.

Additionally, a two-month complimentary trial is up for grabs.

Source: Hayden Field / CNBC

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