Google Reveals New Gemini AI Features for Smartphones, Autos, and Wearables

Google Reveals New Gemini AI Features for Smartphones, Autos, and Wearables

By Staff Writer, 27 February 2024

Google, the tech giant, continues its Gemini AI integration across various services.

Yesterday, the company unveiled a fresh array of functionalities tailored for smartphones, automobiles, and wearables, leveraging Gemini to compose messages and provide AI-generated image captions.

Moreover, the technology will be employed to summarize texts on Android Auto and facilitate access to passes on Wear OS.

The revelation of these new capabilities occurred at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, an event where Google has consistently maintained a robust presence owing to its role as the force behind Android.

During the event, Google disclosed that Google Messages will soon incorporate a feature enabling users to harness Gemini directly within the app.

Although currently in beta, this functionality is initially available only in English.

Furthermore, Google is introducing a feature for Android Auto that not only delivers summaries of lengthy text messages but also contextualizes group conversations.

Initially introduced last month, this feature also furnishes users with prompt suggestions for replies, enhancing the overall user experience.

Source: Ivan Mehta / TechCrunch

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