Kenyan Startup Farm to Feed Secures Funding for Expansion

Kenyan Startup Farm to Feed Secures Funding for Expansion

By Staff Writer, 01 May 2024

Kenyan agricultural technology startup Farm to Feed has secured an undisclosed sum of funding from Renew Capital, a move aimed at bolstering its expansion efforts.

Launched in 2020, Farm to Feed has developed a business-to-business (B2B) platform designed to bridge the gap between surplus produce and new market opportunities.

The startup's mission centers on combating food loss by leveraging technology to aggregate and repurpose imperfect or excess produce.

Through its innovative platform, Farm to Feed streamlines the connection between supply and demand, optimizes logistical processes, and enhances customer engagement.

Claire van Enk, the managing director of Farm to Feed, expressed the company's commitment to revolutionizing Kenya's approach to food utilization. "Our goal at Farm to Feed is to transform the way food is valued and utilised in Kenya. We’re dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture, boosting farmer incomes and making nutritious food more accessible and affordable for all."

Renew Capital, founded by Matt and Laura Davis in 2012, operates as a pan-African investment firm with a focus on generating financial returns while fostering sustainable social impact.

The firm manages investments for a diverse global network comprising high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), foundations, and family offices.

Source: Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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