Apple's SharePlay Now Supports Vision Pro Personas

Apple's SharePlay Now Supports Vision Pro Personas

By Staff Writer, 03 April 2024

Vision Pro personas, previously confined to mere observers in FaceTime calls, now offer enhanced capabilities as Apple introduces their integration into SharePlay-enabled applications.

This new feature allows users to engage in collaborative activities, gaming sessions, and media consumption alongside others.

Termed as "spatial Persona" by Apple, this innovation aims to simulate the experience of being physically present with another user within the digital realm.

Although initially showcased in developer previews last year, this functionality was not accessible in the Persona beta until now.

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While conceptualizing this feature might be challenging, a visual representation is provided in the accompanying video.

Each participant allegedly retains autonomy over their viewing perspective and the ability to manipulate objects' positions without affecting the shared experience of others.

Furthermore, spatial audio technology promises to provide users with a sense of the other person's presence within the virtual environment.

Source: Victoria Song / The Verge

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