Apple's Highly Anticipated Vision Pro VR Headset Hits U.S. Shelves

Apple's Highly Anticipated Vision Pro VR Headset Hits U.S. Shelves

By Staff Writer, 06 February 2024

Apple's highly anticipated Vision Pro virtual reality headset made its official debut in the United States on Friday (2/2).

The headset, which was available for pre-order, is now being shipped to customers or made available for pickup at various Apple Store locations across the country.

To mark the release, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a special appearance at the company's flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City on Friday morning.

During the event, Cook sat down with CNBC's Jim Cramer to discuss the headset's features and its premium price tag.

Despite its starting price of $3,500, Cook emphasized the advanced technology packed into the Vision Pro, calling it "tomorrow's technology today."

"People can spread their payments out over time, and so that’s one affordability kind of thing," Cook explained, referring to the monthly financing option available to buyers. "It's chock-full of invention. It's got 5,000 patents on it."

Cook further defended the pricing strategy, stating, "We think we priced it at the right level considering the value of it."

With its array of innovative features and advanced technology, Apple aims to position the Vision Pro as a leading product in the burgeoning virtual reality market.

Source: Alex Koller / CNBC

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