alGROWithm Expands Growth Talent Accelerator Programme with Digital Africa Funding

alGROWithm Expands Growth Talent Accelerator Programme with Digital Africa Funding

By Staff Writer, 05 February 2024

Nigerian startup alGROWithm has successfully secured funding to expand its innovative Growth Talent Accelerator Programme to a wider audience spanning six African nations.

Established in March 2022, alGROWithm is the visionary force behind the Growth Talent Accelerator Programme, an initiative designed to offer cutting-edge educational technology solutions to aspiring growth hackers.

The company recently obtained funding from Digital Africa, a move that will enable alGROWithm to provide scholarships for eager growth hacking enthusiasts, facilitating their participation in the program.

The funding will also drive the extension of alGROWithm's training initiatives into new markets within Africa.

Prospective applicants from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa are now encouraged to apply, joining their counterparts from alGROWithm's initial bases in Nigeria and Ghana.

Additionally, alGROWithm has introduced GTAP Lite and GTAP Pro, two dynamic programs tailored for individuals and companies, respectively.

Bili Sule, the founder and Chief Growth Officer of alGROWithm, highlighted the company's observations since its pilot in 2022.

He noted two critical needs in the ecosystem: a continuous demand for growth hacking talent, evidenced by the swift employment of past trainees, and a growing interest from companies in up-skilling their existing teams rather than starting anew with fresh talent.

Sule shared insights into alGROWithm's successful Pro model implementation with companies such as Paga, Figorr, and Kebble in the previous year.

This success has propelled alGROWithm's decision to offer both the Lite and Pro propositions moving forward.

The company aims to train over 150 growth leads throughout East, West, and Southern Africa this year, underscoring its ongoing commitment to closing the growth talent gap in the ecosystem and propelling African businesses to new heights.

Source: Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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