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Published on March 5, 2024

Stories of Tech Unicorns in Africa

Welcome to Lucidity Insights' second episode in this three-part podcast series, where we take a look at the Future of Fintech in Africa. But in order to look forward, we need to look at which African startups have already been successful. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of unicorns in Africa are fintechs. We cover the unicorn stories of Interswitch from Nigeria, Flutterwave from Nigeria/USA, Opay from Nigeria, Wave Mobile from Senegal, Andela from Nigeria/USA, Chipper from Ghana/USA, and MNT-Halan from Egypt. We also cover some very honourable mentions: Paystack from Nigeria, which got bought out by Stripe before reaching unicorn status; Fawry in Egypt who successfully IPO'd in 2019 and achieved a >$1 billion status in 2020; and Jumia, who is considered Africa's first unicorn, who also successfully IPOed in 2019.


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    Future of Fintech in Africa

    The Future of Fintech in Africa

    Eighteen percent of the world’s population lives in Africa, and 57% of Africans are ‘unbanked’, without a bank account or a digital wallet. This presents a massive opportunity, making fintech the most dominant and funded tech sector in Africa today. This special report highlights how African fintechs not only have one of the largest total addressable markets globally but are also crucial for achieving financial inclusion and empowering unbanked populations. The potential impact of a successful fintech in Africa is unparalleled. To learn more about the drivers, barriers, and opportunities in African fintech, as well as progress toward financial inclusion, read the special report.

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