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Stories of Tech Unicorns in Africa

Welcome to our second episode in this three-part podcast series, where we embark on a thrilling exploration of The Future of Fintech in Africa. Here we explore Africa’s Unicorns; those remarkable startups that have disrupted industries to soar to unicorn status, achieving valuations of over $1 billion. We cover successfully IPO’d unicorns, as well as some honourable mentions, before we introduce you to Africa’s current list of 7 unicorns.

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    Future of Fintech in Africa

    The Future of Fintech in Africa

    18% of the world’s population lives in Africa, and 57% of Africans are ‘unbanked’, living without a bank account or a digital wallet to their Name. The opportunity is massive, which is why fintech is the most dominant and most funded tech sector in Africa, today.

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