Kitopi, Dubai’s Latest Foodtech Unicorn

Kitopi, Dubai’s Latest Foodtech Unicorn

By Anamika Patel, 01 February 2023
Kitopi, Dubai’s Latest Foodtech Unicorn
Kitopi Logo

As Dubai’s resident ‘Kitchen Utopia,’ Kitopi is turning heads in the MENA F&B industry with its double entendre name standing for ‘Kitchen’, ‘Operation’, and ‘Innovation’. And rightfully so; it’s attracted major investment from global venture capitalists like SoftBank Vision Fund, Lumia Capital, Rise Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, Venture Souq and Global Ventures.

Kitopi was founded in 2018 by business strategist and social entrepreneur, Mohamad Ballout, along with several of his close friends Andres Arenas, Bader Ataya, and Saman Darkan. The idea for Kitopi first came to Mohamad a

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