Foodtech: Saudi Arabia’s Top 10 Most Funded Startups
Published date : 28 May 2024

Foodtech: Saudi Arabia’s Top 10 Most Funded Startups

Saudi Arabia's foodtech landscape is bustling with innovation and investment, with a handful of startups leading the charge in revolutionizing the way people interact with food. Topping the list is Nana, a grocery delivery platform established in 2016, which has secured an impressive $212.2 million in funding to date, making it the most funded foodtech startup in the kingdom.

Following closely behind is Foodics, a restaurant management platform founded in 2014. Meanwhile, Qlub, a newcomer in the restaurant payments sector, has secured $42.0 million in funding at the seed stage, signaling early investor confidence in its innovative approach to digital transactions.

These top 10 most funded foodtech startups underscore the kingdom's commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in the realm of food and technology, paving the way for future growth and development in the sector.

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