Tunisian Startup Kaco Secures New Funding Round to Drive Sustainable Mobility

By Staff Writer, 17 July 2023

Tunisian electric vehicle startup Kaco, achieves a significant milestone with a successful undisclosed fundraising round from UGFS North Africa. The investment enables the finalization of a production facility capable of manufacturing a thousand scooters per year.

UGFS North Africa's support aligns with Kaco's vision to produce their innovative Orca electric scooter with an integration rate over 80% and a range of 100 km. The collaboration underscores UGFS North Africa's commitment to sustainable technologies and Kaco's dedication to local production.

Kaco's track record of successful R&D activities and their aspirations for global expansion make them an attractive investment opportunity.

Founded in 2018 by Salmi Med Ali in Tunisia, Kaco's focus on cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly transportation has driven their journey from concept to large-scale production, supported by their collaboration with UGFS North Africa.

Source: AfrikanHeroes

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