Try Virtual: A New Way to Explore Abu Dhabi is Now Available

Try Virtual: A New Way to Explore Abu Dhabi is Now Available

By Staff Writer, 25 August 2023

With the launch of a unique virtual experience that enables visitors to explore 25 square kilometers of Abu Dhabi's premier entertainment and leisure area, along with other iconic Emirati sites, Yas Island is now ready to be discovered by a new global audience of digital travelers—virtually.

The Department of Culture and Tourism, Aldar, Miral, twofour54, and Ethara are collaborating on this innovative project, Tech Magazine reported.

The virtual Yas Island experience has been developed by Super League and is hosted on the popular gaming website Roblox. Through the game "Yas Island Tycoon - Roblox", users can embark on an exhilarating journey through significant Abu Dhabi landmarks both on Yas Island and beyond. These landmarks include SeaWorld, the Yas Marina Circuit, Etihad Park, Aldar Square, Al Jahili Fort, and many more.

As virtual travelers navigate through this digital destination and experience its attractions, they can enjoy theme park rides, indulge in race car driving, and even construct virtual homes.

HE Saeed Al Fazari, Strategic Affairs Executive Director at DCT Abu Dhabi, stated, "This immersive adventure in the virtual realm is the latest example of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to using innovation and creativity to engage with broader audiences. While we have introduced millions of visitors to Abu Dhabi in the real world, today marks the beginning of a new phase in our journey."

Rashed Al Omaira, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar Development, also remarked, "The virtual Yas Island experience unlocks new opportunities for a global audience […] The effective use of innovative content creation allows us to narrate Abu Dhabi's story and lets people from around the world immerse themselves in it. We are excited to witness people interacting with Aldar’s assets on Yas Island in the virtual world and hope it motivates them to plan a visit to Abu Dhabi soon."

You can explore the Yas Island virtual experience at Yas Island Tycoon – Roblox.

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