SICO and Tanmia Launch $126 Million Fund to Boost Oman's Market Liquidity

SICO and Tanmia Launch $126 Million Fund to Boost Oman's Market Liquidity

By Staff Writer, 17 May 2024

Bahrain-based asset manager SICO has partnered with the Oman National Development Company (Tanmia) to launch a $126 million fund to enhance market liquidity.

Announced on Thursday at the Muscat Stock Exchange, the Tanmia Liquidity Fund aims to increase market depth and stimulate trading activity.

Tanmia, known for its investment and fund management expertise, will serve as the investment manager, working alongside SICO, which oversees $6.2 billion in assets.

The timing of the fund's launch is particularly noteworthy, coinciding with a period of significant reforms unfolding within Oman's capital markets.

These reforms encompass a spectrum of initiatives, ranging from the introduction of new IPOs to the implementation of regulations aimed at refining market-making practices.

The collaboration seeks to achieve long-term capital growth while supporting ongoing reforms in Oman's capital markets, including new IPOs and updated market-making regulations.

Source: Cleofe Maceda / Zawya

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