Saudi Aramco Unveils Massive Gas Reserves Boost in Jafurah Field

Saudi Aramco Unveils Massive Gas Reserves Boost in Jafurah Field

By Staff Writer, 27 February 2024

Saudi Arabian Oil Co., commonly known as Saudi Aramco, has announced a significant breakthrough with the discovery of an additional 15 trillion standard cubic feet of gas in the Kingdom’s expansive Jafurah Field.

This revelation, disclosed in a press statement by the Ministry of Energy, also encompasses the identification of 2 billion barrels of condensate.

According to the ministry’s press release, the cumulative reserves in the Jafurah Field now stand at an impressive 229 trillion standard cubic feet of gas and 75 billion barrels of condensate.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, the Kingdom’s Energy Minister, highlighted these remarkable figures, underlining the magnitude of the latest find.

The statement further underscored the meticulous approach employed by Saudi Aramco, emphasizing its adherence to the highest international standards in the estimation and development of hydrocarbon resources.

Such rigorous practices are geared towards ensuring the responsible and efficient utilization of these valuable assets.

This recent achievement follows on the heels of Saudi Aramco’s earlier successes in November 2023, as reported by the Ministry of Energy. At that time, the energy titan unveiled two new gas fields in the Eastern Province and the vast expanse of the Empty Quarter.

In the Al-Hiran-1 well, situated within the Hanifa reservoir, gas surged at a rate of 30 million standard cubic feet per day, accompanied by a production of 1,600 barrels of condensate.

Meanwhile, the Al-Mahakek-2 well yielded natural gas at a flow rate of 0.85 million standard cubic feet per day.

Additionally, gas discoveries were made in five other reservoirs within previously established fields, including the Jalla reservoir in the Assekra field, where production reached 46 million standard cubic feet per day.

These successive breakthroughs underscore Saudi Aramco's commitment to advancing the Kingdom's energy sector while bolstering its position as a global leader in the oil and gas industry.

Source: Arab News

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