$16.2 Million Allocated: Reef Saudi's Remarkable Impact on Saudi Coffee Sector

$16.2 Million Allocated: Reef Saudi's Remarkable Impact on Saudi Coffee Sector

By Saudi Press Agency, 08 April 2024

The Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development Program (Reef Saudi) has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Kingdom's coffee sector.

Since its inception in 2020, the program has allocated a total of SAR61 million ($16.2 million) in support, reaching 3,718 beneficiaries.

Reef Saudi reported a significant increase in coffee production. From 2020 to 2023, production volume has grown by 37%, reaching 1,485 tons, compared to 800 tons in 2020.

The program's ambitious goal is to achieve 7,000 tons of coffee production annually by 2026.

Investing in the Future

The program emphasizes the growing importance of the coffee industry within the Kingdom's economy. Reef Saudi aims to integrate coffee production into the overall agricultural landscape, transforming it into a cash crop that diversifies the agricultural base.

It also seeks to create additional economic value through manufacturing, marketing, and increased self-sufficiency in coffee production, ultimately reducing reliance on imports.

Job Creation and Empowerment

Reef Saudi recognizes the potential for job creation within the coffee sector, particularly for young Saudis.

The program strives to increase producer income and improve overall livelihoods in rural areas.

Multi-faceted Approach

To achieve its goals, Reef Saudi has established a multi-pronged strategy.

This strategy includes facilitating access to financial resources, implementing best agricultural practices through nurseries and model farms, and introducing automated harvesting techniques to minimize waste.

Cooperative societies and coffee marketing centers are also being established to enhance the sustainability of Saudi coffee cultivation.

Additionally, the program supports rainwater harvesting projects and irrigation infrastructure development.

Direct financial support for small producers is offered alongside capacity-building initiatives for technical personnel within relevant institutions.

Strategic Initiatives

Reef Saudi is actively pursuing a range of strategic projects and initiatives.

These projects encompass establishing and equipping coffee processing and manufacturing facilities in Al-Baha, Asir, and Jazan.

Additionally, the program plans to equip model farms in strategic locations within the Jazan region and establish model coffee nurseries in Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha.

Broader Vision

The Reef Saudi program operates within a broader context of empowering small agricultural producers.

The program aims to improve access to resources, markets, and essential agricultural services.

Ultimately, it seeks to contribute to food security, rural social stability, environmental sustainability, and the responsible management of natural resources.

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