Mozn and Saudi MoH Unite to Revolutionize Healthcare Through AI Advancements

Mozn and Saudi MoH Unite to Revolutionize Healthcare Through AI Advancements

By Staff Writer, 12 November 2023

Regional AI leader Mozn has joined forces with Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health to revolutionize healthcare through AI by harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

This strategic partnership aims to optimize medical operations, elevate patient experiences, and improve treatment outcomes.

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The formalization of this collaboration took place through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed at the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh from October 29th to 31st.

A focal point of this alliance is the Ministry of Health's 937 service center, responsible for addressing calls from the kingdom's citizens and residents on various health-related matters.

These include 24/7 medical consultations with trained physicians, as well as the handling of complaints and feedback.

Under the MoU, Mozn's experts will develop an AI solution designed to leverage the center's data effectively and predict the future needs of callers.

Vision 2030: Revolutionize Healthcare through AI

Dr. Mohammed Alhussein, Founder and CEO of Mozn, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, "The 937 center excels at caring for the nation's patients, efficiently connecting them with suitable doctors and valuing their feedback. Through this new MoU, we aim to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to assist the center's decision makers in expanding operations. Our data scientists will analyze the center’s data and funnel it through our AI model, allowing 937 officials to gain valuable insights that will be crucial to the center’s overall development journey."

The collaboration underscores Mozn's commitment to supporting the Government of Saudi Arabia in realizing its Vision 2030, particularly in the realm of AI.

Mozn, renowned for its expertise in enterprise AI technologies, has established strong partnerships with various government entities across the region.

These partnerships have spanned diverse applications, from fraud prevention to business intelligence.

As the company's enduring collaboration with the Ministry of Health exemplifies, Mozn continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare through innovative AI solutions.

Source: Saudigazette

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