Mark Mobius Ventures into Dubai Marks a New Frontier in Emerging Markets

Mark Mobius Ventures into Dubai Marks a New Frontier in Emerging Markets

By Staff Writer, 19 November 2023

In a recent report by Bloomberg, Mark Mobius, a prominent figure in emerging markets investing, is in the process of establishing a new venture in Dubai.

While specific details remain undisclosed due to ongoing negotiations, Mobius ventures into Dubai hints that the new company will be deeply involved in the realm of investment, particularly focusing on emerging markets.

Mobius, who boasts over three decades of experience at Franklin Templeton and co-founded Mobius Capital Partners in 2018, expressed his excitement about the forthcoming venture.

Having recently stepped back from his role at Mobius Capital Partners, he disclosed plans to channel his efforts into intriguing new projects in Dubai, revolving around entrepreneurship, investments, and consulting.

Additionally, Mobius mentioned the imminent release of two new books.

Exciting Investment Plans: Mark Mobius Ventures into Dubai

Widely recognized as a pioneer in emerging markets investing, Mobius played a pivotal role during his tenure at Templeton.

He initiated the launch of numerous funds spanning Asian, African, Eastern European, and Latin American markets, contributing significantly to the expansion of the company's assets from $100 million to over $50 billion.

Having resided in Dubai for the past three years, Mobius has demonstrated his commitment to the emirate by investing in local properties, including two residential units with panoramic views of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Beyond real estate, his sights are set on financial services companies in Dubai, with plans to acquire shares from family-owned businesses.

Mark Mobius's move to establish a new investment-focused venture in Dubai underscores the emirate's attractiveness as a hub for global financial activities and innovation.

As a seasoned investor, Mobius's involvement is poised to contribute to the continued growth and development of Dubai's dynamic business landscape.

Cleofe Maceda / Zawya

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