KoinWa Launches EduBlok, a Web3 Education Platform

KoinWa Launches EduBlok, a Web3 Education Platform

By Staff Writer, 12 October 2023

Nigerian startup KoinWa, focused on cryptocurrencies, has taken a significant stride in empowering university and college students with pertinent expertise through the launch of EduBlok, a web3 educational platform.

This innovative move not only corresponds with KoinWa’s objective of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions but also aids in narrowing the educational divide in emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

KoinWa, enabling cryptocurrency transactions, was chosen in June as one of 25 African fintech startups for the inaugural Amazon Web Services (AWS) FinTech Africa Accelerator program.

Their educational division, EduBlok, provides users with blockchain education and training, assisting other educational institutions in developing blockchain and artificial intelligence curricula.

CEO Hakeem Disu is not only a proficient educator but also the author of the e-book “How blockchain is solving real life African problems.”

“Blockchain is heralded as the next major advancement in the technology sphere, yet it is not integrated into Nigeria's educational curriculum,” he explained. “EduBlok seeks to address this challenge by creating academic curricula and textbooks, in addition to offering blockchain education and entrepreneurial skills.”

EduBlok's mission is in harmony with the growing acknowledgment of the significance of blockchain and web3 technologies on the global stage.

As these technologies continue to progress and influence diverse industries, the necessity for a well-informed workforce becomes increasingly vital.

EduBlok strives to bridge the divide between conventional educational offerings and the evolving needs of the technology sector.

EduBlok, financially supported by KoinWa, has already had a positive impact on over 10,000 individuals in underserved university communities and has distributed 15,000 e-books.

Sources: Tom Jackson/Disrupt Africa & Kelly Cromley/Cointrust

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