Illuminati Capital Secures $50M for Strategic Investment in Early-Stage Web3 Startups

By Staff Writer, 14 August 2023

Dubai-based Illuminati Capital and its partners, who collectively boast over $1 billion in blockchain startup investments, are poised to shape the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

Diverging from conventional investment firms, Illuminati Capital is more than a financial backer; it's a dedicated advocate for the global Web3 ecosystem, driving transformative shifts in decentralized technologies.

With a combined deployment of $30 million leading to $150 million in exits, the team brings together blockchain investors, marketing experts, angel investors, and diverse talents, ensuring targeted advice and active founder engagement.

"We are witnessing a remarkable growth trajectory in Web3 venture investing," says Vickaash Agrawal, Illuminati Capital partner, leveraging expertise in data, infrastructure, regulation, and mining.

Spanning decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming, AI, NFT infrastructure, and real-world assets (RWA), Illuminati Capital strategically invests in pioneering sectors to shape the decentralized future.

Dhaval Parikh, a partner and blockchain investor with a portfolio of leading Web3 high-end projects said, "The possibilities of decentralized technology are endless. With a background in VC, I will focus on due diligence, risk assessment, portfolio management, and deal flow while analyzing industry trends and key ecosystem insights.”

Leveraging partnership connections and a focus on real-world asset-backed Web3 firms, Illuminati Capital nurtures portfolio growth, providing hands-on support for listings, exchanges, business development, and more.

Laura K. Inamedinova, a partner and CEO of LKI Consulting, leverages a vast marketing background to advise on community building, branding, positioning, and user acquisition, cementing a solid foundation for long-term success.

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