ChatGPT Arrives on macOS: OpenAI Enhances User Access and Integration

ChatGPT Arrives on macOS: OpenAI Enhances User Access and Integration

By Staff Writer, 28 June 2024

OpenAI has expanded accessibility to its ChatGPT AI chatbot, now officially available on macOS. The announcement, made earlier this week, follows its initial unveiling ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2024, highlighting collaborations between OpenAI and Apple across iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems.

On macOS, users can effortlessly summon ChatGPT by pressing Option + Space after installing the dedicated app. This integration mirrors familiar functionalities like Command + Space for Spotlight Search, but instead of traditional searches, it offers direct access to ChatGPT's expansive knowledge base through a user-friendly chat interface overlaying the screen.

The launch coincided with OpenAI’s introduction of GPT-4o, a cutting-edge AI model capable of handling text, speech, and video, marking a significant advancement in multimodal capabilities (where "o" stands for "omni").

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Initially launched alongside GPT-4o, the ChatGPT desktop app caters to both free and paid users, offering features such as seamless file uploads, direct screenshot capabilities, and conversational history retrieval. While initially available to Plus subscribers, OpenAI has now made the macOS app accessible to all users, as announced via their official blog.

Source: Sarah Perez TechCrunch

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