Share of Impact Capital Raised by Impact Category
Published date : 18 December 2023

Share of Impact Capital Raised by Impact Category

Looking at the number of funds targeting each of the Impact categories, there are years when no funds appear to be focused on oceans & coastal zones, but in most of the past 10 years, over 20 funds have targeted agriculture, education, energy, financial services, health, and infrastructure.

Financial services is interesting, as it is rarely a top category in terms of assets raised, but is high in number of funds—a function of a consistently high number of microfinancing funds of relatively small sizes targeting this space.

Water and employment typically have 10 or more offerings for investors to consider, if those are areas of interest to their investment programs.

Diversity & inclusion was growing through 2021, but dropped off in 2022 to only 11 funds with such an emphasis.

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