This company powers high computing data centers with smart renewables: VivoPower

January 17, 2024

This company powers high computing data centers with smart renewables: VivoPower

In today's digital era, data centers stand as vital pillars of our digital infrastructure, currently accounting for a significant 3% of global electricity consumption. As computing tasks burgeon, driven by advancements like AI algorithms and extensive data analysis, the demand for data centers continues to escalate. Despite efforts to transition towards renewable energy sources, a considerable number of data centers still rely on fossil fuels.

The reliance on renewables, such as solar and wind power, introduces a challenge in maintaining grid stability due to their dependence on fluctuating natural conditions. Recognizing this challenge, VivoPower and Backbone Digital have spearheaded the development of the 'Power-to-X' solution—an innovative, vertically integrated approach to data center infrastructure aimed at ensuring grid stability and sustainability.

Curious to learn more about these pioneering solutions? Dive deeper into their functionality and impact by watching our insightful video.

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