Nuqtah: At the Cross-Section of Saudi’s Creative and Digital Economies

By Erika Masako Welch,01 March 2023
Nuqtah’s current founding team at their last team retreat. From left to right: Wajd, Shahm, Mohammed, Nouf, Murtada, Majid, Salwa, Noura & Jawhara.
NUQTAH: At the Cross-Section of Saudi’s Creative and Digital Economies

Nuqtah Founder on Launching a Web3.0 Startup before She Thought She Was “Ready”

Prior to embarking on her own startup idea, Salwa Radwi had been immersed in Saudi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for the past five years, working as the operations and community director for one of the largest entrepreneurial hubs in the Kingdom. I was intrigued to meet Salwa, as I had been introduced to her by one of her investors with a story about how Salwa had to be convinced to accept financing and start her business. “All I had was a pitch deck, which was a thesis I developed as part of my Master’s application to study at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in Canada,” explains 27 year-old Salwa, “I didn’t think I was ready yet.”

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