Volkswagen Announces Integration of ChatGPT Voice Assistant in Cars by Mid-Year

Volkswagen Announces Integration of ChatGPT Voice Assistant in Cars by Mid-Year

By Staff Writer, 09 January 2024

In a recent unveiling at the CES electronics trade fair, Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) announced that its upcoming voice assistant, powered by ChatGPT technology, is set to engage in interactive conversations with drivers by the middle of this year.

The automotive giant showcased its pioneering move, revealing that North American and European customers can anticipate this feature in vehicles by early Q2.

Collaborating with Cerence (CRNC.O) on this groundbreaking initiative, Volkswagen demonstrated how the AI-driven system can comprehend a variety of commands and respond accordingly.

For instance, uttering "I'm feeling cold" prompts the system to adjust the temperature, while a craving for butter chicken might lead the AI to display nearby Indian restaurants.

Kai Gruenitz, Volkswagen's board member overseeing technical development, highlighted the convenience this innovation brings to users. He informed Reuters during the CES event that drivers can now effortlessly modify car functionalities using voice commands, eliminating the need for manual button adjustments.

Abhirup Roy and Victoria Waldersee / Reuters


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