Shesha Revolutionizes E-Hailing in South Africa with Safety at its Core

Shesha Revolutionizes E-Hailing in South Africa with Safety at its Core

By Staff Writer, 08 July 2024

South African startup Shesha is set to challenge the dominance of international e-hailing giants like Uber and Bolt by offering a locally-informed alternative. Launched this year, Shesha was founded on the need to address safety concerns and improve working conditions for drivers, which are often overlooked by foreign competitors.

According to spokesperson Nomsa Mdhluli, Shesha prioritizes safety by verifying the identities of both customers and drivers. She emphasized that drivers often feel exploited and unappreciated by foreign companies, which motivated Shesha to create a platform where drivers are integral to the business they support.

Shesha is backed by stakeholders including the Gauteng Taxi Industry Trust, Santaco Gauteng, and the Gauteng National Taxi Alliance, which provide the company with a deep understanding of local conditions. This support has also facilitated a historic agreement for peaceful cooperation between the taxi and e-hailing industries, ending years of conflict over routes and passengers.

Currently operating in Gauteng with plans for future expansion, Shesha is in the process of onboarding over 13,000 drivers and has seen a remarkable uptake in customers. Mdhluli noted that their presence has already led to a competitor de-platforming over 6,000 unsafe drivers, highlighting Shesha's stringent safety standards.

Shesha follows the traditional e-hailing monetization model, offering competitive prices while ensuring a safer and more inclusive service.

Source: Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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