Seef Properties and Export Bahrain Forge Alliance to Empower SMEs

Seef Properties and Export Bahrain Forge Alliance to Empower SMEs

By Staff Writer, 27 March 2024

Seef Properties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Export Bahrain aimed at supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom. A significant milestone in their ongoing cooperation, the strategic project will leverage Seef Properties’ Mahali sub-brand through which dedicated retail spaces are being made available to local SMEs at its flagship location, Seef Mall – Seef District. A portion of these will be dedicated exclusively to beneficiaries of Export Bahrain under the terms of the MoU. SMEs participating in Mahali enjoy waived rental fees and reduced commission rates, leveraging the prime locations and high foot traffic of the mall to enhance their brand visibility and appeal.

Aligned with their respective strategic objectives, the partnership underscores the commitment of both Export Bahrain and Seef Properties to support Bahrain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The aim is to create opportunities for local brands to elevate their domestic and international visibility, while contributing to a culture of support for Bahraini businesses. This effort will catalyze the growth of local businesses, while contributing to Bahrain’s overall development, in line with the Kingdom's 2030 Economic Vision.

Commenting on this collaboration, Ms. Safa Abdulkhaliq, Chief Executive Officer at Export Bahrain, highlighted the significant role this partnership will play in realizing the ambitions of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. Emphasizing the importance of sustainable collaborations with the private sector, she said that the partnership will provide opportunities for SMEs to showcase their products at Seef Mall – Seef District, one of the Kingdom’s prime locations, which will allow them to gain visibility and reach a wider audience while providing greater economies of scale.

Seef Properties Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf expressed shared optimism about the collaboration with Export Bahrain, stating, "We are delighted to offer Export Bahrain beneficiaries a number of retail spaces at Mahali, an initiative which specifically targets home-based business owners who are seeking expansion opportunities. This alliance will make a lasting impact on the Kingdom's entrepreneurial ecosphere, for which we eagerly anticipate creating a compelling experience. This agreement also encapsulates the shared commitment of Export Bahrain and Seef Properties to fostering a thriving and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom.”

Located on Level 1, Mahali offers tenants fit-out elements that will harmonize seamlessly with Seef Mall – Seef District’s overall brand identity, making for attractive spaces for growing businesses at discounted rates.


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