Dubai's Prypco Blocks Celebrates Funding Victory for Bellevue Towers

Dubai's Prypco Blocks Celebrates Funding Victory for Bellevue Towers

By Staff Writer, 14 May 2024

Prypco Blocks, a pioneering real estate fractional ownership platform based in Dubai, has proudly announced the successful completion of funding for its inaugural property nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai.

According to a statement released by the company, Bellevue Towers has garnered significant support from 209 investors representing over 40 nationalities.

These investors have collectively injected funds into the property, with an average investment of AED6,220 ($1,693) per investor.

The funding achievement for Bellevue Towers underscores the robust confidence that investors have placed in Prypco Blocks' innovative model and the enduring appeal of the Dubai real estate market, the statement emphasized.

Established by Amira Sajwani, Prypco Blocks has democratized access to Dubai's thriving real estate sector.

The platform introduces a groundbreaking approach by dividing entire properties into smaller, equally valuable fractions known as 'Blocks,' enabling investment opportunities starting from a mere AED2,000.

Sajwani elaborated on the platform's mission, highlighting its commitment to alleviating the traditional challenges associated with real estate investment.

Prypco Blocks shoulders the burdensome tasks such as property identification, hefty down payments, paperwork, maintenance, and property rental, providing investors with unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Furthermore, Prypco Blocks operates under the regulatory oversight of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), ensuring compliance with rigorous licensing requirements and client protection protocols.

The successful funding of Bellevue Towers marks a significant milestone for Prypco Blocks, showcasing its capacity to redefine real estate investment paradigms while attracting a diverse array of global investors keen on seizing opportunities in Dubai's dynamic property market.

Source: Trade Arabia

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