Pick n Pay Launches Flat-Fee Money Transfer Service in South Africa

Pick n Pay Launches Flat-Fee Money Transfer Service in South Africa

By Staff Writer, 10 April 2024

Pick n Pay has rolled out a groundbreaking money transfer solution, dubbed Pick n Pay Money Transfer, enabling patrons to securely send funds between stores within its extensive network of 1,400 outlets.

Operable solely within South Africa, this service comes at a flat fee of R8.00 per transaction, offering convenience and accessibility to customers across the country.

With a minimum transfer limit of R50 and a maximum cap set at R3,000 per transaction, users can comfortably manage their remittances within a monthly limit of R25,000.

The service is designed to seamlessly integrate across all Pick n Pay supermarkets, Clothing stores, and Boxer stores, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for its vast customer base.

The registration process for Pick n Pay Money Transfer entails a one-time sign-up, requiring customers to present a valid ID document at any participating store.

Following each transaction, senders will receive a unique PIN via SMS, which can be shared with the recipient for instant access to the transferred funds at any affiliated store, be it Pick n Pay, Clothing, or Boxer.

Absa will serve as the facilitating partner for this service, leveraging its robust banking infrastructure to ensure the security and efficiency of every transaction.

This initiative underscores Pick n Pay's commitment to enhancing financial inclusion and providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.

Source: BusinessTech

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