Mubadala's Strategic Investments Across Continents

Mubadala's Strategic Investments Across Continents

By Staff Writer, 09 December 2023

Mubadala, boasting assets valued at Dh1.01 trillion ($276 billion), has a global investment portfolio spanning six continents and diverse sectors.

From aerospace and information technology to semiconductors, metals and mining, renewable energy, oil and gas, and petrochemicals, Mubadala is a key player in various industries.

As part of its expansion strategy in Asia, Mubadala recently unveiled new investment deals in India, the continent's third-largest economy.

In April, the fund, alongside the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, a Canadian pension fund, emerged as anchor investors in Cube Highways Trust—an infrastructure investment trust (InvIT) in India.

Moreover, Mubadala invested $525 million in collaboration with BlackRock Real Assets in Tata Power Renewables, a major player in India's renewable energy sector.

This move aims to bolster Mubadala's clean energy portfolio and reflects its commitment to sustainable investments.

Despite these global ventures, Mubadala emphasizes its continued commitment to the US market.

With a staggering $100 billion already invested, constituting 42% of the company's entire asset base, the US remains an immensely attractive and pivotal market, according to Waleed Al Muhairi, Deputy Group Chief Executive of Mubadala.

Looking ahead, Mubadala solidified its strategic partnership with Blue Owl Capital, a New York-based alternative asset manager.

This collaboration, backed by a $1 billion commitment to Blue Owl's credit platform, will focus on co-investing in private credit opportunities, particularly in the technology-lending strategy.

This initiative provides financing solutions for various tech and software companies, aligning with Mubadala's vision for innovative investments.

Additionally, Mubadala expanded its presence in the US with an investment in Aligned Data Centres, reinforcing its commitment to diversifying and strengthening its global portfolio.

As the company strategically navigates the evolving financial landscape, these investments underscore its resilience and proactive approach to secure opportunities worldwide.

Fareed Rahman / The National

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