Mastercard and Glovo Unite to Fight Hunger and Support Education in East and West Africa

Mastercard and Glovo Unite to Fight Hunger and Support Education in East and West Africa

By Staff Writer, 23 February 2024

To combat hunger and bolster education in underserved communities across Kenya and Nigeria, Mastercard and Glovo, a prominent app linking users with a wide array of services, have forged a strategic alliance.

This groundbreaking partnership endeavors to furnish more than 300,000 nutritious meals to school children throughout the academic calendar, effectively addressing pressing issues such as food insecurity, malnutrition, and educational hindrances.

Driven by a mutual dedication to social responsibility, Mastercard and Glovo have identified hunger as a pivotal obstacle impeding children's educational advancement and overall welfare.

Central to the initiative is the assurance of access to wholesome meals, the cultivation of a conducive learning atmosphere, and the promotion of equitable prosperity in the region.

To optimize the program's reach and efficacy, Mastercard has aligned with established local charitable organizations: Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank initiative in Nigeria.

Each transaction conducted on the Glovo app utilizing a Mastercard will directly contribute to these charitable endeavors, channeling funds toward meals for disadvantaged children.

This pioneering endeavor stands as a pioneering endeavor in both East and West Africa, epitomizing Mastercard's steadfast commitment to sustainable solutions that enrich communities, preserve the environment, and foster overall prosperity.

Source: Empower Africa

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