Glovo and Siltech Team Up to Launch Electric Vehicle Deliveries in Lagos

Glovo and Siltech Team Up to Launch Electric Vehicle Deliveries in Lagos

By Staff Writer, 01 June 2024

Food delivery startup Glovo has announced a new partnership with electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Siltech to deploy EV products and services for its delivery operations in select areas of Lagos, Nigeria. This collaboration aims to reduce costs associated with petrol and maintenance of internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles.

Although Glovo has not yet implemented the EV service ecosystem, Siltech views this initiative as a promising proof of concept. The high cost of petrol in Nigeria has prompted many businesses and individuals to explore EVs as viable alternatives to petrol-powered vehicles.

Tolu Williams, CEO of Siltech, confirmed the partnership, highlighting that Glovo will utilize Siltech’s comprehensive range of products and services, including charging stations, after-sales services, technical support, and battery swap access. The pilot phase will commence in Ikate, Lekki, and Victoria Island, areas equipped with Siltech’s charging and battery swap stations.

These swap stations significantly reduce battery recharge time from hours to mere minutes. Glovo riders will use Siltech Ginsu bikes, which feature rapid battery-swapping capabilities, allowing them to exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged one within minutes, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Source: Bolu Abiodun / TechPoint Africa

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