MENAPT Funding Rounds April 2024 vs April 2023
Published date : 13 May 2024

MENAPT Funding Rounds April 2024 vs April 2023

In April 2024, the MENAPT region experienced a remarkable year-over-year increase in total deal value, soaring by 770% from $246.4 million in April 2023 to $2,142.6 million in April 2024. This sharp rise was driven by three megarounds, although the number of deals significantly decreased by 50%, dropping from 109 deals in April 2023 to 54 deals in April 2024.

The standout megarounds were led by G42 in the UAE, along with Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) and Hailo in Israel, which together accounted for 83% of the total investment for the month. The top five funding activities, spanning various industries and stages, included:

  1. G42: Secured $1.5 billion through a corporate round.
  2. DOP: Raised $162 million through their Initial Coin Offering.
  3. Hailo: Captured $120 million in its Series C funding.
  4. MagnusMetal: Achieved $74 million in a Series B round.
  5. Midas: Closed the list with a $45 million Series A round.
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