RAED Ventures' Advice for Entrepreneurs and Founders

By Staff Writer,15 March 2023
RAED Ventures' Advice for Entrepreneurs and Founders
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RAED Ventures is the first private VC firm established in Saudi Arabia. The firm has positioned itself to partner with exceptional founders who are building transformative companies in the MENA region. Since its inception in 2015, RAED has quickly established itself as a leading player in the MENA startup ecosystem and has invested in 39 portfolio companies. 20 of their 39 portfolio companies are based in Saudi Arabia, making them one of the most active investors in the Saudi startup ecosystem

RAED Ventures was first founded in Riyadh by the three founding partners: Omar Almajdouie, Saed Nashef, and Talal Alasmari. 

Although the firm has had 5 successful exits

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