Volvo's Strategic Investment in Breathe Battery Technologies for EV Charging Efficiency

Volvo's Strategic Investment in Breathe Battery Technologies for EV Charging Efficiency

By Staff Writer, 12 March 2024

Volvo Cars has announced a strategic investment in Breathe Battery Technologies, a UK-based startup, aiming to revolutionize the charging experience for their upcoming electric vehicle (EV) lineup.

The collaboration, unveiled today, promises to slash charging time for Volvo's next-generation EVs by a substantial 30%.

While specific financial details of Volvo's investment through its corporate venture capital arm, the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, were not disclosed, the move underscores the automaker's commitment to addressing consumer concerns and enhancing the EV ownership experience.

According to Volvo Cars Tech Fund CEO Ann-Sofie Ekberg, integrating Breathe's cutting-edge battery software into their EVs is geared towards alleviating a key pain point for customers.

The innovative technology, expected to be integrated into new Volvo EV models within the next two to three years, aims to streamline the charging process while ensuring safety and battery longevity.

In essence, Breathe's algorithm-based charging software provides real-time insights into the health of individual battery cells, allowing for faster charging rates without compromising safety or battery integrity.

This breakthrough is poised to tackle a significant hurdle faced by automakers, where existing software often throttles charging speeds to prevent battery damage.

Ian Campbell, CEO of Breathe, emphasized the transformative potential of software-defined batteries, foreseeing a seismic shift in the EV landscape.

Faster charging times, viewed as instrumental in driving mass adoption of electric vehicles, could mark a pivotal milestone in accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility solutions.

Volvo's strategic investment in Breathe not only underscores its commitment to innovation but also positions the company as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving EV market.

As the automotive industry braces for a paradigm shift towards electrification, partnerships like these are poised to shape the future of mobility, offering consumers faster, safer, and more convenient charging solutions.

Source: Nick Carey / Reuters

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