VGS and Onafriq Forge Stronger Partnership to Enhance Fintech Security in Africa

VGS and Onafriq Forge Stronger Partnership to Enhance Fintech Security in Africa

By Staff Writer, 05 June 2024

VGS, a prominent payment tokenization company, has strengthened its strategic partnership with Onafriq, Africa's largest payments network. This collaboration aims to enhance security measures and foster innovation for fintech companies across the region. Building on a long-standing relationship, VGS has been a reliable partner in ensuring PCI compliance and integrating payment features.

Central to this partnership is VGS's expertise in securely collecting and storing sensitive payment card information for clients. This service alleviates the liabilities associated with handling such data while maintaining adherence to PCI standards. Consequently, Onafriq and its fintech partners can concentrate on developing innovative financial solutions and delivering exceptional customer service.

A notable aspect of this collaboration is the introduction of VGS's card reveal capability for Onafriq's new "Credential Show" feature. This feature, designed for virtual cards and other card issuance functionalities, will cater specifically to the needs of fintech providers in Africa and the Middle East. By securely storing Primary Account Number (PAN) data, Onafriq and VGS can now display complete card details to end-users upon request, enhancing convenience and user self-service options.

In addition to reinforcing security and improving existing features, VGS and Onafriq are dedicated to co-developing new products and expanding payment acceptance use cases across the region. Their shared goal is to streamline the process for fintechs to offer advanced financial solutions to millions of African consumers, ensuring a secure and prosperous environment for the entire fintech ecosystem.

Source: Smart Megwai / Innovation Village

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